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About Us

I am proud to belong to the fragrance industry. Allah has gifted me the love and affection towards fragrances. He is the source from where all the raw fragrances come from and they beautify the other creations of Allah. Fragrance takes a very special place in the heart and mind of the Arabic Culture.

Shahid Umar General Trading was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1983.This has led to Shahid Umar General Trading operating in the UAE for the past 35 years. In these 35 years our company has mastered in the art of perfumes, cosmetics and women handbags. The perfumes, cosmetics and handbags we sell are of the best quality possible and we sell them in both retail and wholesale quantities.

We draw our inspirations from the diverse global arena and sell it under one roof, to share the fact that beauty is universal. We constantly strive to challenge the limitations of all the possibilities. The cloth used in our hand bags is not mere fabric for us, we treat it like an artist treats his canvas; with the love, respect and dedication that it deserves. Here, we understand that style and fashion are a vital part of your lives and so we strive to bring it to you in the easiest possible way. Our motto has always been to provide excellent quality and service.